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    Medina is place  that High position in the hearts of Muslims and famous  by dates of excellent quality and received some names in prophetic honest conversations. In Medina, a large market for dates near the Prophet's Mosque, a must for any visitor to Al-Medina  to pass on this market to buy some types of dates, which is the typical gift and blessing by Muslims rejoice when they come upon them thousands of miles away in their country. And did not visit the Medina or has had and wanted to eat this kind of luxury dates here we are in the service and help him.

Types of Medina Dates : Ajwa ,Anbarah , Mabroum, Suqea, Safawi, Khudary.

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in a study for the « chair and palm dates » in collaboration with the University of Michigan Ajwa Medina fights cancer  Majid Sukayri ( Medina) Enables the chair Date Palm Research at King Saud University in collaboration with D ..
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Posted: 17/12/2013
" تمور المدينة " موقع بيع التمور الفاخرة الأول عالميا صحف و متخصصون يؤكدون تصدر " تمور المدينة " لمتجات التمور في المملكة أسرار تفوق متجر" تمور المدينة".. أفضل أنوع النخيل.. عمال مهرة.. تغليف راقي   ..
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Posted: 11/11/2013